Spring For Color


With the change of the season into spring, we feel the need to refresh our look. The top three ways to change your look with accessories this season are:

  1. Add a bracelet for instant color gratification. Just like a change of your nail polish a fresh addition of spring hues with a bracelet adds color where you see it: at your hands. We love the assortments of spring-ready bracelets to mix and match.
  2. Make a statement with neutral colors that go with everything. Choose a necklace that can set the tone for the season. This stunning centerpiece necklace with a sand-colored waxed cotton cord has a balance of crispness and shine.
  3. Stay updated with on-trend key accents. We are loving this six-strand bracelet because it gives an instant it-girl look. Choose one of-the-moment accessory a season to update your look and to have fun with trends that are now.

When you accessorize this spring celebrate the uniqueness of your beauty and accentuate your look with colors and silhouettes that make you feel amazing.


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