The Benefits Of Eco-Friendly Aluminum Jewelry

Love at first sight? Check. Sourcing methods: environmentally friendly and wildly creative? Check.

Three things you must know about Trades by Haim Shahar’s eco-friendly aluminum jewelry designs are: they begin with heritage, sustainability, and design.

  1. In the Spring of 2016 Trades introduced eco-friendly recycled aluminum jewelry.
  2. Using recycled materials reduces the carbon footprint and contributes to sustainable design.
  3. Aluminum is lightweight by nature and can be crafted into the most intricated and creative of forms.

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What you need to know: Recycled aluminum jewelry is gorgeous, lightweight and easy to wear. Discover for yourself the latest from Trades by Haim Shahar.

“We’re very proud of our eco-friendly aluminum collection.  It’s 100% reclaimed and recycled aluminum that is made into beautiful, sculptural pieces with minimum impact to the environment.” —Haim Shahar


What to Wear To A Holiday Party

The holidays are upon us! It is a season of joy, gift giving, and parties! We love holiday festivities and we have three strategies for dressing all of this season’s events.


The Office Holiday Party
Whether you have a party in the office or with coworkers after work we have a strategy for you. Start with a black top, and pair this with a statement skirt or pant in something festive such as this year’s velvet faves. Now add jewelry! A beautiful red and silver bracelet with matching earrings strikes the perfect holiday balance.


Home For the Holidays
Need a casual holiday look? How about your favorite sweater, jeans, and a stack of bracelets that say that you know how to be merry.


New Year’s Eve Celebrations
We love the look of a beautiful strapless dress for this occasion with just the right necklace. With so many to choose from, what is a girl to do? Be a star this season with statement necklaces that are actually lightweight.


Wishing you a season filled with peace, love, and happiness!

Must-Have Fall Jewelry

Do you love the change of the seasons? Say goodbye to summer and hello to your most fashionable fall ever. Did you know that you can transition your wardrobe with the aid of accessories? Here are the three must-have fall jewelry elements to consider this season:


  1. Texture: Fall textures tend to be heavier than summer. Think about smooth surfaces that won’t snag on fall knits.
  2. Color: This season the color palette we are loving from designers is black and white, as well as jewel tones. Play off of the monochromatic or the rich color palette by choosing neutrals that feel bolder and heavier than summer’s light colors.in3093b
  3. Sparkle: Let loose and add a little shine. As the days get shorter it’s fun to add an element of shine and sparkle to your fingertips. Think rings that can go with your daytime look or with a party dress with ease.


5 Jewelry Pieces You Need This Summer

Be in the know this season with cool-girl style that is fun and easy to wear. We’ve surveyed the top 2016 jewelry trends to bring you five pieces to try this summer.

  1. The Wrap Bracelet
  2. Edgy Meets Glam Choker
  3. Stick Earrings


    4. Cool Color Combinations:


    5. The Oversized Ring
    ~Be bold, have fun, follow your dreams~

Summer Style Boost

Looking ahead to the summer months you may be wondering,”How can I improve my style?” One of the easiest ways to instantly add style to your wardrobe, whether you are a man or a woman, is with jewelry. Jewelry is something that is noticed instantly by others. It is a way to share something about yourself without saying a word.


Women, if you love getting compliments try adding a statement necklace. Men how about adding a finishing touch to your look with a bracelet? This will instantly give your look more interest.

If you have never tried wearing jewelry start with just one accent piece. Many of us start with one piece and build a look over time. Go with pieces that feel good on your body and please your eyes.

Jewelry Tips for Summer Months:

  1. Choose a metal motif. You can create a theme by choosing silver or gold toned jewelry, or you can start with a mixed metal piece and then add pieces of jewelry in silver and gold as you like. Think of your necklace as the piece that sets the tone for your outfit. Here’s an example of a perfect mixed-metal piece to get you started:
  2. Less is more. Introduce pieces that enhance your look rather than overwhelm your look. We tend to wear less clothing in summer months and jewelry can make a big impact with a minimal outfit.
  3. Store your jewelry in mesh bags or plastic bags to keep them clean and looking their best.
    summer sunset



Spring For Color


With the change of the season into spring, we feel the need to refresh our look. The top three ways to change your look with accessories this season are:

  1. Add a bracelet for instant color gratification. Just like a change of your nail polish a fresh addition of spring hues with a bracelet adds color where you see it: at your hands. We love the assortments of spring-ready bracelets to mix and match.
  2. Make a statement with neutral colors that go with everything. Choose a necklace that can set the tone for the season. This stunning centerpiece necklace with a sand-colored waxed cotton cord has a balance of crispness and shine.
  3. Stay updated with on-trend key accents. We are loving this six-strand bracelet because it gives an instant it-girl look. Choose one of-the-moment accessory a season to update your look and to have fun with trends that are now.

When you accessorize this spring celebrate the uniqueness of your beauty and accentuate your look with colors and silhouettes that make you feel amazing.